• Daily: $225
  • 2 Days: $450
  • 3 Days: $620
  • Weekly: $1100
  • Monthly: $2750
  • Damage Deposit: $4000
  • Third Party Protection Plan:
  • Collision Insurance: $40/day
  • Deductible: $5,000
  • Insurance Info >


  • Heated Grips
  • 12V Connector
  • GPS Mounts


  • NAVYV Garmin GPS System - $25/day, $145/week.

Only one available. First come first serve.

  • Vario Side Bags
  •  $40/day, $250/week. *top case not offered. 




    • Length: 2210mm
    • Width: 953mm 
    • Height: 1450mm
    • Seat Height: 850mm/870mm
    • Tank Capacity: 20l
    • Wet Weight: 238kg


    • Type:  Air/liquid-cooled four stroke flat twin engine, double overhead camshaft, one balance shaft.
    • System: Electronic intake pipe injection/ BMS-K+ digital engine management with electromotive throttle actuator
    • Gears: Constant mesh 6-speed gearbox with helical gear teeth
    • Capacity: 1,170cc


    • 4,1 l/100km



    You will receive 200 KM free per day with your rental.   Any additional mileage will be charged at a rate of $0.25 per kilometer.


    If renting for a week ( 7 days or more ) the customer will receive a special weekly package of 1600 KM free.  Any additional mileage will be charged at a discounted rate of $0.18 per kilometer.

    READY, SET, RIDE:   

    Double your free kilometers when you rent from Monday to Thursday.   ( You will receive 400 km a day for free instead of 200 km a day. )

    This is a Monday to Thursday special only.

    If your rental does fall on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday this package does not apply.

    ** You must mention this package up front when booking or they will not be applied. **


    The ultimate adventure bike! The BMW 1200GS will take an experienced rider ANYWHERE they desire. Explore the world with this beautiful and sophisticated machine.


    BMW’s flat twin motor delivers an immense amount of torque through the entire power band, allowing the rider to maintain a higher gear without the need to shift down. The iconspicuously powerful motor will surprise riders at the speeds and accelerations its capable of! Fitted with an anti-hopping clutch and speed shifter, Bmw’s 1200gs is truly a long distance rider with hidden performance when needed! 


    The 1200GS is equipped with an incredibly intelligent and adequate ABS system that can be turned off simply with a push of a button in case the rider decides to take the big BMW off road and needs a bit of slide on loose surfaces. Compliant braking power is present, and stops the 525 pound bike with little effort from the rider.


    With such a high riding position and center of balance, the big BMW dives into corners surprisingly well. The faster you’re going, the easier it is to handle. Off road, the advanced traction control an adjustable suspension allows the rider to fine tune the bike to ride and handle to the terrain they are on. It is immediate and non-invasive. Riders will notice a difference with in milliseconds of adjusting the settings. 


    A big comfortable and well materialed seat is perfect for long rides. Exactly what this bike was designed for. High set handle bars fitted with large bar ends, keeps most if not all vibrations out of the riders hands and arms and reduces riders fatigue. With adjustable suspension from soft to hard, the 1200GS can be set to a firm ride for a more aggressive pace, or supply soft for long tours or broken surfaces. 


    The BMW 1200gs is simply put, a luxury! With all the riding creature comforts, this bike is suited for all tasks. Adjustable seat height allows riders 5’8 and up to stand flat footed. A higher curb weight is noticeable at slow speeds, but a larger/taller rider may not notice this so much.  A 20 liter gas tank and incredible fuel millage  along with an adjustable windscreen and cruise control add to all the many luxury this bike has to offer. It’s a true experience and privilege to ride these beautifully crafted motorcycles.



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