At All Season, we value and listen to our customers and their requests. By popular demand, we present to you a short list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. Most of our customers will find the answers they need to ensure a smooth and convenient rental process.


  1. What information do I need to BOOK a rental unit over the phone?

All Season Rental Adventures requires a person of 18 years and older with a valid VISA or MasterCard. Please be aware we do not accept American Express.  All Season Rental Adventures requires a Credit Card to hold reservation at time of booking. At this time no deposit or charge is required while booking over the phone, this is only for cancellation purposes.

**NOTES: All Damage Deposits must be done on VISA or MasterCard. No debit, cash, cheque or prepaid Visa cards are accepted – No Exceptions

  • What do I need to be aware of and bring down at the time of Rental pickup?

All payments and damage deposit are required to be done upfront at time of pickup. Please be aware that the card holder and original card must be here at the time of pickup, regardless of who is riding the bike.


*** Click Here for Our Cancellation Policy ***


  2. I don't have my boat license, can I still rent?

Yes of course! It is $25 per person for a temporary watercraft license, if you have your own license then you must provide a copy  at the time of pick up or you will be charged for a temporary license. Please be aware that in Alberta you must be 21 to drive watercraft therefore you must be 21 to rent all watercraft from us.


   3. I have my Motorcycle License but do not live in Alberta. Am I still able to rent?

Yes of course! Everyone is able to rent a motorcycle from us as long as they have a valid motorcycle license. It needs to state on your license (in English) that you have a valid motorcycle license, and this will be accepted. Please note! That if you do not have an Driver's License based in Canada  then your damage deposit on your rental unit will double.




You will receive 200 KM free per day with your rental.   Any additional mileage will be charged at a rate of $0.25 per kilometer.


If renting for a week ( 7 days or more ) the customer will receive a special weekly package of 1600 KM free.  Any additional mileage will be charged at a discounted rate of $0.18 per kilometer.



Double your free kilometers when you rent from Monday to Thursday.   ( You will receive 400 km a day for free instead of 200 km a day. )

This is a Monday to Thursday special only.

If your rental does fall on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday this package will not apply.

*Cannot be combined with any other mid-week offer

** You must mention this package up front when booking, this will not be honored if mentioned upfront last minute.


  5. Do I have to provide my own insurance?

All Season Rental Adventures includes 3rd party liability insurance as a standard on all rental units at no cost to the customer. Third party liability means that the customer is covered of all damages if a third party hits the customer.

All Season Rental Adventures offers additional "Collision/Damage Third Party Coverage". This Third Party Coverage does not cover theft. In the event of an accident or incident the customer is responsible for paying out deductible in full within seven days of the return date, in order for the third party coverage to become active and valid. If deductible is not paid in full customer will be responsible for full damage amount. Please be aware that the charge for “loss of rentals” is not excluded from this policy. Customer is fully responsible for all loss of rental charges that can accumulate.

This third party coverage is collision only and deductible varies per unit.

The customer can provide their own third party coverage if desired.

**Please note All Season Rental Adventures has no insurance that covers theft.**



    6. Can I take my rental unit outside of Alberta or Canada?

Yes, there are no limitations on where you can take the rental unit. All rental units are equipped with an original copy of Registration and Insurance for each unit. Customer is also given copies of rental contracts that will give permission to cross any borders.


    7.  does all season offer a shuttle service?

Yes, we do! We offer a shuttle service to and from the Calgary International Airport. It is $25 each way. **Due to demand and the busy nature of our business this must be booked ahead of time with the rental desk. **Subject to availability may apply. 

    8.I am flying in to Calgary and I have luggage that I don’t want to bring on my trip. Can I leave it at All Season Rental Adventures?

All Season Rental Adventures offers secure luggage storage for 5$/day.


   9. I want to rent a motorcycle for my road test. What do I need?

All Season Rental Adventures offers a 4 hour rental window to rent a 250cc sport or cruise bike and/or a 150cc unit for your test at $99 for those four hours. We require proof of your written Learners Test upon time of pickup.

If you would like to ride the unit off the lot, an escort with a valid class 6 is required, they must be present with you at the time of pickup. The unit can also be loaded into the bed of a truck. Please be aware that all season does not rent trucks.

If you would like a staff member from All Season Rental Adventures to escort you to the test grounds, it is an additional $75. If the test is failed it’s an additional $75 for pickup.

**Note: All Season Rental Adventures does not offer road test at our location. You must book with any of the many registries in Calgary.


   10. Can I leave my personal Vehicle over night at All Season while I rent my unit ?

    Due to Liability reasons All Season does not provide secure public parking for customer vehicles. The Sunalta Train Station is conveniently located 2 blocks West of All Season and is easy to get to. There is 2 Hour public parking available along Tenth Avenue.


   11. What do I need to secure my unit while transporting?

All season rental adventures suggest that if you have your own tie downs/straps to bring them down with you. All Season Rental Adventures does not include tie downs/straps free of charge. Tie downs/straps are 2$ per unit.

**Note: Please be aware if the customer is not renting a trailer, due to liability reasons All Season Rental Adventures requires customers to load and secure units on their own. If you do not feel comfortable loading the units your self, please be sure to coordinate with someone you know to help you.

**If customer is renting trailer from All Season Rental Adventures, units will be preloaded but customer will be responsible for securing units to trailer at time of pickup.


   12. Does All Season have other Locations for pick up and drop off?

1510 10th Avenue is our only Location. Please be aware all pick ups and drop offs must be done at this location.


   13. are you Interested in booking months in advance?


For reservations that are booked more that three months in advance, a 50% percent deposit will be due upon the rental booking. If the booking is cancelled less than 7 days before the reservation, the cancellation policy is in full effect. However, the deposit will be refunded in full if more that 7 days of notice is given. 



If you own gear, by all means bring it with you, if not All Season Rental Adventures rents out Helmets, Jackets etc. Pricing can be found by clicking HERE.

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